Watch videos shot and produced for Echoes.

Undecided Voters
March 4, 2013 |
Watch the best of UP pose pertinent questions regarding the USC Elections Watch on YouTube

Anna Banana by Derek Parreñas
September 2, 2012 |
Derek is on the prowl to find the mysterious Anna BananaWatch on YouTube | Help Derek find his Anna Banana

Echoes Sessions: Fiona – Oo
April 3, 2011 |
Fiona performs “Oo” by Up Dharma Down for Echoes last March 9, 2011.Watch on YouTube | Read article

Echoes Sessions: Fiona – Umaga
April 2, 2011 |
Fiona performs their original song “Umaga” for Echoes last March 9, 2011.Watch on YouTube | Read article

One Big Joke: Paranormal Gabtivity
March 27, 2011 |
Dean and A star in the horror movie that goes nowhere. Special appearances by Gab Sollano and Ralph Dantes.Watch on YouTube | Read article

One Big Joke: Chicken Supreme
March 3, 2011 |
Dean and A think they can top Epic Meal Time. As it turns out, they can’t. Special appearances by Janna Ong and Mark Matibag’s stunt double.Watch on YouTube | Read article

SAD feat. Miguel Andres – More Than Words
March 2, 2011 |
SAD (Steven Hotchkiss, Aaron Aw & Dom Garcia) performs “More Than Words” with Miguel Andres during Litnight last February 11, 2011.Watch on YouTube

One Big Joke: Dean & A vs. the Wild
December 13, 2010 |
The acts shown here are performed by Dean and A, two professional wildmen. Do not try this at home. Try it in the wild.Watch on YouTube | Read article

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