Film Photo Series V: Ostentation

Editor’s Letter – September 2018

Written by Bianca Rañola

I’ve developed the habit of writing the Editor’s Letter last, and not even because I want to properly convey the message that each issue wishes to. I put it off because it’s hard. How do you package a product of blood, sweat, and tears in gift wrapping and a pretty little bow?

Short answer: you don’t. You can’t. All Echoes issues are conceived with a certain amount of pain (much like an infant, which is how I look at these precious magazines), but this one in particular came with a little more fear factor – uncertainty. The cover for this issue is the first shoot we’ve ever done with film (as far as I know), and so we left the fate of the release date in the hands of our friendly neighborhood photo lab. As of this writing, I still don’t know how the pictures are going to turn out.

Nevertheless, we persist. Inside, we define OSTENTATION as “having or being extra,” and the way this issue was brought to life – film shoots and expensive articles and all – is a fine example of this. Now, it may not necessarily be in the ashy, Imelda Marcos shoes, Farrah Fawcett hair sense; it could be in something like your height, your brains, or even your kakuriputan. That said, we discover the OSTENTATION of our previous CDC Chairperson Sarah See when our current CDC Chair Christina Llana interviews her. You will find that even though Sasee might seem like the complete opposite of gold and glitter, the source of her OSTENTATION has been right under our noses all along.

So here I present to you the first issue of the semester, not in gift wrapping and a pretty little bow but in colors I am yet unsure of, in the hope that all the extra steps we took for it are enough to keep you glued to its pages. All in the name of a little bit of OSTENTATION.

EDIT: We made it, with a few hours to spare. This is probably the most beautiful issue I’ve been a part of. My ultimate takeaway from this: dream big and have faith. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Shot by Carlos Barreiro

Minolta X500
Kodak Colorplus 200


Olympus Superzoom 140S
Kodak Colorplus 200


Shot by Bianca Rañola

Minolta SRT Super
Fuji YKL 100 (Expired)



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