#TweetableTweets (Summer Edition)



I have a mutating pimple just in time for Plansem. @PB_andGeli ano ginawa mo nung sayo?


Surfing with Gretchen Ho and some Azkals peeps today! :)


Courteney Cox in Cougar Town makes me not worry about getting old! :)) #NowWatching


Ang complicated ng lyf ha


every once in a while I come up with super dark pieces of dialogue and I just keep them in one document till the right person comes along


i forgot about the mraz concert tonight. *stares at imaginary savings*


So that’s why it’s called the Magic 12. Some kinda magic going on. There are those in the list who MAGICALLY made it. hehehe badumtss


other than the results, what i look forward on election day are the much improved studio and graphics package of our local channels


sana naman may senador na maglalaan ng pera para maayos yung internet ko sa bahay


Kahit pa konti-konti, kahit masakit #IpasokSiDick


I dreamt I was a smurf.. ☺


friendly reminder that Martin del Rosario picked up my books when he bumped into me in school MY HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL MOMENT OK


May gwapo pala sa mall kanina, tamang tama I was eating rice then, so siya na yung ulam ko #TMI


If you want to feel/be sexy in the corporate world, wear sexy underwear. #PowerDressingTips LOL


I think I’ve internally married you.


I dont have the willpower to leave this bed………………


Is it possible to get a paper cut in your eye……… Coz i think my stupidity caused me to have one


Never thought Math will become one of the reasons why my hands are wet. ifyouknowwhatimean… Fruchk


Matigas katawan ko……..


Sarap lang pektusan nung mga kuya sa foodcourt eh. =))


Avicii was the shit!!!Poop


Masarap rin pala mag-kape paminsan-minsan. :)) #TeamHotChoco lolz


Swear to the bear, it’s raining hard again? :(


I’m as black as Shaq!!!


First time in my whole college life that I have helpful groupmates. I love this class HAHAHA.


Toured around the place with #KBS television following us. Kahit kumakain, nagshshopping, etc, dinocument nila! The four of us were abused!!


Palagi na lang FPJ ‘tong si Grace Poe. Wala ngang nagawa si FPJ e, namatay lang. Sunod ka sa kanya?


Hunger games starts again. I don’t wanna prerog anymore. huhu. been through prerogs for 2 sems na. plsssssss.


Upsize promo, you have been my good friend for two days. You shall be missed :(


Spreadsheets could be a dirty word ’cause spread + sheets. But… it’s not.


any are \_(•__•)_/


My village isn’t significant enough to get directions in google maps hahahahhhaah -___-

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