Ecosoc welcomes applicants with a splash

by Echoes, Photo by Arsenio Lukban

Water-splashing, powder-blowing and a clout of videos greeted about 30 applicants who attended the Applicants Orientation held on the last week of November 2011.

They constitute the Outbreak Batch, in line with the tradition of naming the batches of applicants after the semestral theme.

The 30 or so applicants were formally welcomed with a parade of the different committees followed a welcoming remark by Ecosoc President, Cocoy Vargas. The program immediately proceeded to a showcase of the organization’s different committees to help the applicants make an informed decision on which committee to take part in during their application process.

A small team-building program was held after in the School of Economics. Many applicants were exposed to the elements as they are made to catch buckets of water and search for play cards in heaps of white powder in a test of their team management skills.

The orientation ended with the awarding of the most-attended and most-liked committee booths.

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