CDC electives flourish throughout the sem

By Mhela Calugay

CDC electives serve as an outlet for members to reach out to other people in and out of the campus aside from the Pook Ricarte community. This semester, we had various electives that catered to the our holistic aspect.

The Haring Ibon elective was different this time from what they had last semester. While we cleaned up U.P. last time, this time, we taught children about nature and how to take care of it.

The first-ever activity in partnership with the Academic Affairs Committee were the ACDC Tutorials, a very promising system of Math tutorials. Last sem, we only attend to the children’s assignments and immediate academics obligations. This sem, however, we tried to address the improvement of their Math skills for the long-run. The first few weeks of ACDC were really a challenge because of the typhoons that hit the metro. As weeks passed, not only did we experience weather problems, but the children’s schedule and seeming lack of motivation also put us to the test. In the end, the ACDC Tutorials were withdrawn pending a re-evaluation.

Out of all the electives, the vendor elective is the favorite. Aside from getting one full CDC count, you also get the chance to prepare your favorite meryenda meals and learn Selling 101. But more importantly, you give the vendors time to rest. This sem, aside from the stalls by Vinzon’s, we also opened slots for the Popcorn near UPIS.

Remember: Having fun plus serving others equals CDC Electives.

For suggestions of CDC electives, please feel free to tell the committee.

Photo by Kenneth Reyes

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