CDC apps host last CDC of semester

By AK Mapolon

The CDC kids got a real treat courtesy of the CDC applicants last Saturday, October 8, 2011, when they were thrown a birthday party-themed Saturday CDC at the School of Economics Atrium for the culminating activity of the Community Development Committee for the semester.

With Carmel Baquilod and Faye Ferrer as the hosts for the morning, the kids and members alike got to enjoy parlor games like Longest Voice, Musical Members (a variation of Musical Chairs), Bring Me, Longest Line and Paagaw.

For lunch, they were served spaghetti, cupcakes, and hotdogs on a stick, which they enjoyed along with their ate’s and kuya’s.

The morning was ended with a small speech from Faye Ferrer, the outgoing CDC Chair, followed by pictures with the kids as well as the members. The kids then went home smiling with their lootbags full of candies that the applicants prepared for them.

The CDC Culminating activity is the final activity of CDC for the semester. It is organized by the applicants of the Community Development Committee.

Photo by Reuel Realin

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