SEAC shows SE faculty and staff some love

By Benedict Bismark

Last October 6 in se 105, the School of Economics Advisory Council (SEAC), the alliance of all SE orgs, held the Alay Sa Personnel.

As a tribute to the SE faculty and staff, each of the seven SE organizations had a hand in the preparations with the common goal of showing the SE faculty and staff their gratefulness.

Org members also participated in Staff for a Day, which occurred last October 5. Volunteers went to SE offices, including SE 101, the Lounge, and the fruitshakes booth, to assist the staff with their work.

Over lunch on the 6th, the tita’s watched a video featuring several Ecosocers thanking them for their help. Again, Horace Cimafranca fails to disappoint with his video editing skills.

The event was capped off by a performance by Juliet Laguda on voice and Paulo Bautista on the guitar. Arguably one of the best onstage performances, the staff requested for several encores. The two were more than willing to oblige.

There were also games such as Spell with Your Name, among others. Several Ecosocers who attended played with the faculty and staff. Some even helped out with the food and became waiters for the event.

The Alay Sa Personnel is a semestral tradition spearheaded by the Academic Affairs Committee with SEAC.

Photo by Ria Zapanta

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