Ecosocers pay tribute to outgoing Execom

By Horace Cimafranca

Ecosocers gathered for the last general assembly of the semester at SE 127 last October 5 to pay tribute to the outgoing Executive Committee.

Members of the Sports Committee were the first to honor their chair, Myk Narciso, with a video. This was followed by videos prepared by the Liaison, Special Events, and Finance Committees for their chairs, Mads Salazar, Jason Tayawa, and Gilbert Bueno, respectively. Tayawa also received a cake from his members.

Secretariat Committee Chairperson Cocoy Licaros received a bottle of energy drink as a token of gratitude from his members. Echoes members, on the other hand, prepared a publication solely dedicated to their Editor-in-Chief, Kenneth Reyes.

The lunchtime tribute had to be cut for running overtime. It was continued later that afternoon.

The second part saw committees paying homage to Faye Ferrer of the Committee Development Committee, Reuel Realin of Academic Affairs, and Reg Reinoso of External Relations. Realin was given a deck of cards, each of which have messages from grateful Ecosocers. Ecosoc President Paolo Tamase received unsold x-deals from Ad Hoc sponsors while Vice-president Sel Ortiga was given a pack of gummy bears.

The last general assembly of each semester is usually designated for the members’ tribute to the Executive Committee.

Photo by Kenneth Reyes

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